domingo, 4 de novembro de 2012

500 page views! Thank you people :)

Sorry my disappearance .. I've had enough things to do : (
Now I'm back and more wise!
Now the blog has a chat so you can talk to me or ask a question.
I appreciate your visits and hope you continue.

sábado, 14 de julho de 2012

Hello ! - !

I'm back!
Do not bring great news, since I'm on vacation! : D
I started to learn pixel art, and here are some images that might shall go like.
(They are small, but that's how it begins : D)

1º - Only the body;

2º - With hair;

3º - With a T-Shirt;

4º - With pants;

5º - Complete;

quarta-feira, 27 de junho de 2012

News: 3#

Welcome back. I bring good news and bad news. The good news is that the design of the blog and our brand name has changed. I also created two new project (I will later talk about them). Finally, the bad news is that the project "Peog Adventures" will go to the "deep sea" so to speak. The reasons for the project has finished is the lack of yet and I thought the project would be just another boring game platform since there are many on the INTERNET.

New projects: 
-> The last of us; 
-> Block'z Knock'z; 

"The last of us" is a top-view shooter game where the goal is simple, kill as many undead with a limited number of bullets. To increase the playing time is implemented a spawn of a boss. When he is dead, he will drop ammunition. At the start begins with 50 balls. There are 3 different maps, all with the same difficulty.
Here is the download. 

Good game and leave a comment saying how many undead you got killed before you die.

"Block'z Knock'z" is a project and initial phase (+ or -  20% development). It is a platform game in which you can drag blocks to help pass the stage. Since it is still in its initial phase it will take until you exit. At least one pre-alpha will launch 
-> MAYBE <- for next week. Is there a taste :)

Goodbye and even new news. Gracefully: Manuel Martins. 

domingo, 3 de junho de 2012


Esta é uma imagem do novo menu.

News: 2...

At last, the game "Respawn" ended with the full version.
Just added the sounds and background music.

You can find the download: Here.

News: 1...

Hello again!
I come here to post a big update where the game design is quite changed.
I have bad news, is not yet put the sounds and music.
When I then put the game will be in FULL release.

  • Some pictures of the update:

  • Download Link: Here.
Graciously: Manuel Martins (Game developer)